Course Content
Wuji and the absence of unnecessary tension Movement and Flow Stillness
Chi Flow and Stillness
Chi flow and stillness A 15-minute daily practice
Releasing Tensions and Letting Go
Wuji to Qigong State of Mind
The Power of the Mind
How much power of self-healing or harm do you hold? Estimates of the placebo cure rate range from a low of 15 percent to a high of 72 percent. The nocebo effect has a dark side, leading to adverse reactions or side effects to treatment, and has an unquantified effect on our overall state of health. Our Qigong practice recognises the power of the mind both negatively and positively and works with positive states of well-being, while releasing the negative.
Mid-Course Review
A review of what you already know
Deeper Physical, Emotional & Mental Relaxation
Qigong State of Mind
Level One: Foundation Qigong Skills
About Lesson

Being Fully Alive
Congratulations on joining and finishing the Level One 8-week generating energy flow course. And thank you for your feedback during class on how the practice has helped change things for you.

Regular daily practice is the key to continued success. As my teacher would often say “just start practicing, the rest will take care of itself.”

Techniques and Skills

Now you have the techniques for:

  • Wuji
  • Entering a Qigong State of Mind
  • Smiling from the Heart
  • Qigong Patterns
  • Generating an Energy Flow
  • Coming to Stillness

The next stage is to develop your skills. Spend time with each aspect so that they become more automatic.

Flowing Movement or Slow Flow

There are numerous way to practice your Qigong exercises, from:

  • stillness
  • flowing movements
  • initiating movement from energy flow
  • following form
  • following the breath
  • slow movements
  • using longer pauses
  • allowing energy flow between movements
  • releasing energy flow at the end of the movements
  • Working with the quantity, rate and quality of energy

These are just a few ways. Practice different ways to generate an energy flow and come to stillness.

From Wuji to Qi Flow to Stillness

The practice for this week was to move putting together the three Qigong exercises and use them in more flow or slow movements.

  • Stand upright and relaxed
  • Enjoy a Qigong State of Mind
  • Smile from the Heart
  • Use Lifting the Sky, Embracing Buddha and Carrying the Moon to generate an energy flow
  • Enjoy the energy flow
  • Come to stillness

Qigong translates as skill in using energy. The four foundation qigong courses we offer will allow you to progressively develop energy skills including:

  • Generating an energy flow
  • Managing and directing your energy
  • Using energy flow to clear tension and improve health
  • Increasing your vitality and resilience
  • Reducing stress
  • Developing calm focus
  • Enhancing your everyday activity

At each level, you will gain the confidence to use the techniques you learn in class in your own practice, and can continue to develop and explore your skill in qigong outside classes.

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Thank you once again for being part of Fully Alive.

Wherever your Qigong journey takes you next we wish you good Qi flow.


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