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Wuji and the absence of unnecessary tension Movement and Flow Stillness
Chi Flow and Stillness
Chi flow and stillness A 15-minute daily practice
Releasing Tensions and Letting Go
Wuji to Qigong State of Mind
The Power of the Mind
How much power of self-healing or harm do you hold? Estimates of the placebo cure rate range from a low of 15 percent to a high of 72 percent. The nocebo effect has a dark side, leading to adverse reactions or side effects to treatment, and has an unquantified effect on our overall state of health. Our Qigong practice recognises the power of the mind both negatively and positively and works with positive states of well-being, while releasing the negative.
Mid-Course Review
A review of what you already know
Deeper Physical, Emotional & Mental Relaxation
Qigong State of Mind
Level One: Foundation Qigong Skills
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A reminder of what we know already

A valuable tool you have at your disposal is to consider what you already know from a felt sense experience. As you progress and develop your Qigong training, your body will keep a record for you.

You can think about what you have learnt and recall it like in an exam or you can feel into what your body remembers.

Feeling is a useful way to tap into deep rooted information. However stressed, worried, anxious or in pain we are, our body remembers relaxation and being at ease. So, when we train our Qigong you can look at it as tapping into what you already know how to do well, rather than trying to learn something new.

What you remembered and shared

  • Breath in nose, out mouth
  • Relax, Enjoy, Let go,
  • Wuji, attention to body, no judgement, scanning body, dantien focus, smiling from the heart, qigong practice, chi flow, stillness.
  • Energy flow/ posture/ relax body and mind/ smiling from heart/breathing into place below navel/ qigong exercise/ stillness
  • Wuji, qigong state of mind, smile from the heart, patterns, chi flow, stillness
  • RELAX -Emotional, physical relax, mind relax.

From the above we can see that ‘relax’ is a common feature and so important that my teacher would say it three times:
‘relax, relax, relax’

Whatever it is we practice becomes automatic. So rather than practice being stressed or worried we practice relaxing more. Relaxed body, mind and breath leads to increased and smoother energy flow. A worthwhile thing to remind ourselves of.

Doorways to a Qigong State of Mind

  • Mind
  • Movement
  • Awareness
  • Breath
  • Energy flow

Feeling or experiencing being in a deep relaxed state may not always be available to us. Sometimes our mind is busy and it may feel like we are being blocked. In this scenario we can come into the practice through another doorway and still get the benefits.

When one method is not working you can choose another.

From Wuji to Flowing

A practice for this week is to move through the states of flow:

  • Stillness
  • Gentle Breeze, Swaying Willow
  • Floating Clouds, Flowing Water
  • Flowing Stillness

  • Use the various doorways into a Qigong State of Mind
  • Smile from the Heart
  • Use Lifting the Sky to generate an energy flow
  • Enjoy the energy flow
  • Come to stillness

relax, relax, relax

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