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Wuji and the absence of unnecessary tension Movement and Flow Stillness
Chi Flow and Stillness
Chi flow and stillness A 15-minute daily practice
Releasing Tensions and Letting Go
Wuji to Qigong State of Mind
The Power of the Mind
How much power of self-healing or harm do you hold? Estimates of the placebo cure rate range from a low of 15 percent to a high of 72 percent. The nocebo effect has a dark side, leading to adverse reactions or side effects to treatment, and has an unquantified effect on our overall state of health. Our Qigong practice recognises the power of the mind both negatively and positively and works with positive states of well-being, while releasing the negative.
Mid-Course Review
A review of what you already know
Deeper Physical, Emotional & Mental Relaxation
Qigong State of Mind
Level One: Foundation Qigong Skills
About Lesson

Following the first two weeks of daily Wuji the practice may start feeling more familiar. Finding your centre balance point is likely to feel more natural and easy to come to rest at.

In this lesson we explore what it is like to take ourselves to the physical tipping point both forwards and backwards.

When we try to stop ourselves going forward the body naturally tenses, locking in the energy. In contrast, when we allow ourselves to walk forwards, directly from tipping, the stretch reflex systems of the body are not activated. Energy flows more easily and we feel freer.

Practice both inhibiting and releasing the flowing movement forward and backwards so that letting go becomes automatic.

Wuji to Qigong State of Mind

We also practice the difference between a physical relaxed state, while standing with the eyes open, and a deeper relaxed state with the eyes closed.

Practice 1 – Physical

  • Stand in Wuji with eyes open
  • Relaxed body
  • Allow body to move and sway
  • Relaxed breathing
  • Notice sensations of body
  • Come to stillness

Practice 2 – Mind

  • Stand in Wuji eyes closed
  • Relaxed breathing
  • Scan through body from feet to head and head to feet
  • Invite each area of body to relax as you scan
  • Smile from the heart
  • Allow body to move and sway
  • Return to stillness

A Qigong Practice

A Qigong practice will take about 10-15 minutes using Lifting the Sky:

  • Wuji and gentle flow
  • Entering a Qigoing State of Mind
  • Smiling from the Heart
  • Lifting the Sky (10 Times)
  • Chi Flow
  • Flowing Stillness
  • Enjoy stillness

The 10-15 minutes is simply a guide, so your practice may be more or less. Be sure to spend time at the beginning and the end.

We call that: From Stillness to Movement to Stillness.

Make a habit of letting go & returning to stillness

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